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Grace unto you and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Today we share with you all by the leading of the Holy Spirit in all power and might what shall befall Babylon which is Iraq in the days to come.
All these things shall be accomplished on Babylon and it shall be in the latter days. We testify of what we have learned from the Holy Spirit and we beseech you all to take heed and know that the coming of the Lord is at the doors. It is sooner than many expect and many Christians are still not prepared. He that sent us, who also is rich in mercy and full of grace and truth, has commanded us to sound the alarm and warn His people to watch and be awake, and prepare for His coming lest He comes and finds many asleep. If any man shall not watch but be asleep while the Lord cometh for His people, the same shall enter into great temptation and trial in the days to come. Him that hath an ear let him hear.

According to the word of the Lord which we have written unto you very recently on Babylon, we established by the Written Word that this Babylon is in the country of Iraq today. We also established by the Word of God that this Babylon is NOT America, Rome, or the EU as some men claim. The days to come shall declare that these words are true when all the things we have written to you concerning Babylon are fulfilled before the eyes of those that dwell on the earth in those days. Though the site of ancient Babylon in Iraq currently lie in ruins, according to the word of the Lord, it shall be rebuilt in the days to come. Babylon has been restored several times since Nimrod started it in the beginning (Gen 10:8, 10), and each time on a different site but in the same vicinity. This could also be true of the future city. Whether it will be rebuilt on the ancient site or in another location, the time to come shall tell. For the reason that this site has been in ruins for many centuries, some teachers of the gospel have taught that all the word of the Lord concerning this place has been fulfilled in the past. This is untrue, and for this reason we have written to you today, revealing to you by the word of the Lord that a place synonymous with ancient Babylon shall be rebuilt in Iraq in the days to come. It shall be rebuilt and that man of sin that is to come shall reign over it for a short season until the time come for Babylon to drink of the wine cup of the fierceness of the wrath of God.

Ancient Babylon will be rebuilt and it shall be in Iraq. Babylon as a literal city is mentioned in the fulfillment of many things which MUST be after the rapture of the church (Rev 14:8, 16:19, 18:1-24). Zechariah the Prophet prophesied the rebuilding of Babylon (Zech 5:5-11). This, we have written to you very recently concerning the vision of the ephah. Babylon must again be a great commercial and religious center (Rev 18:3-10, 23-24). Her sorceries will deceive all nations after the rapture of the church ( Rev 18:23, 2 Thess 2:10). An order for the martyrdom and killing of Christians will go out of Babylon after the rapture of the church and many will be beheaded in those days ( Rev 18:24, Rev 20:4). After all these things have been fully accomplished, Babylon shall be destroyed ( Rev 16:19, 18:1-24, Isa 13:19, Jer 50:40). She shall be destroyed never to rise again, forever. It shall be in the day of Israel’s final restoration (Rev 16:17-20:6, Isa 13:6-13, 14:1-7, Jer 50:4-35). It shall be in the DAY OF THE LORD (Isa 13:6-13), at the end of the GREAT TRIBULATION which is to come ( Rev 16:17-21, 18:1-24). It shall be a time of punishment for the world for its sins (Isa 13:11), when Israel is given rule over her oppressors (Isa 14:1-4), when Israel sings her triumph song (Isa 14:3-17), at the Second Coming of Christ with His saints (Rev 18:1-19:21, Isa 13:1-13, 14:5, 25-27), at the beginning of His millennial reign on the earth (Rev 18:1-20:10).

Babylon shall be destroyed by an earthquake ( Rev 16:17-21), by fire from heaven (Rev 18:8-18, Isa 13:19, Jer 50:40), with violence ( Rev 18:21), by the earth swallowing her ( Rev 18:21, Jer 51:62-64). It shall be by God (Rev 18:8, 20) as He destroyed Sodom with fire (Isa 13:19, Jer 50:40). It shall be a supernatural destruction ( Rev 16:17-21, 18:8, 10, 17, 19, 21, Jer 50:20, 40, 51:8). It shall be very sudden, in one hour (Rev 18:8-19, Isa 13:19, Jer 50:40, 51:8). After this destruction, Babylon will never be inhabited again (Isa 13:20, Jer 50:39-40, 51:29, 37, 43). Arabs and shepherds will never dwell there afterward (Isa 13:20). It shall be totally destroyed (Rev 18:21, Isa 13:9-22, Jer 50:3-40, 51:26-43) never to be found again (Rev 18:21), and her smoke will rise up for ever and ever (Rev 19:3). It is very possible that this place will be one of the openings of Hell in the future, for natural men on the earth in the millennium will be allowed to look into hell in certain seasons and see the punishment and wrath of God against sin. This is one of the ways natural men on the earth will hearken unto God in those days (Isa 14:9-17, 66:22-24).

Not one of all the above Scriptures concerning the rebuilding and destruction of Babylon has yet been literally fulfilled today. For this reason, they refer to a future prosperity and destruction of Babylon. That this is a literal city and NOT a spiritual place is proved by its predicted destruction with the cities of the nations as stated in Rev 16:19. Many that believe that Babylon has been destroyed in the past usually say it was destroyed by Cyrus the Persian when he invaded Babylon in 539 B.C. This is untrue, for Cyrus did not destroy Babylon the way God declared it was to be destroyed. In fact when Babylon was taken over by Cyrus the Persian in 539 B.C., he restored many of the temples which had been proscribed from functioning near the close of the Neo-Babylonian period. In the ensuing years, Babylon was furnished with even more important buildings. When Herodotus, the Greek historian, visited the city in the 5 th century B.C., he found it in a most glorious condition. His eyewitness account showed its splendid situation. He said it was built exactly square, each side being 13 miles long, with a broad and deep trench around it. The wall surrounding the city was about 300 feet high and 75 feet wide. A hundred bronze gates opened into the city, which was divided in two by the River Euphrates. All its streets were at right angles to each other and many of the houses were three and four stories high. It was a gorgeous city and had not in any way suffered the destructions prophesied by Isaiah and Jeremiah. Babylon continued in prominence until the time of Alexander the Great about 330 B.C. when some decay then set in. After some time, the old city began a gradual decay into ruins. Thereafter, the site of ancient Babylon then ceased to be and its remaining walls collapsed. The temples disintegrated. The priests retreated to other areas and it was all over! But what did God say? Did God not say that Babylon shall be suddenly destroyed violently with fire and great destruction? Shall the word of the Lord fall to the ground? God forbid. The word of the Lord is sure and shall be done in the fullness of time.

It is written in Isa 13:19-22 “ And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. 20 It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation: neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there; neither shall the shepherds make their fold there. 21 But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there. 22 And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged ”.

It is also written in Jer 51:26 concerning Babylon “ And they shall not take of thee a stone for a corner, nor a stone for foundations; but thou shalt be desolate for ever, saith the LORD ” . This is the WORD OF THE LORD concerning Babylon. Interestingly, Arabians have long pitched their tents and even built their houses, right in the middle of the ruins of ancient Babylon. A man who visited the site of ancient Babylon with his wife in 1972 mentioned that they saw no fewer than 100 men living in the area and amazingly, all of them were Arabs! From the Scripture cited above in Isa 13:20, God clearly stated that no Arab shall pitch his tent in Babylon after it is destroyed. But yet, we see the exact opposite of what God said happening today. Arabs pitch their tent there proving that the destruction God mentioned is not yet fulfilled upon Babylon. Even today, there is a city called Hillah of over 300,000 population built just south of the old site of ancient Babylon. In fact, many of the buildings in Hillah have been built from re-used material from ancient Babylon. Other villages up and down the River Euphrates have also re-used bricks taken from the ruins of Babylon and the ruins are still continually resorted to for this purpose, as is proved by the testimony of many travelers in the district. This is very contrary to the word of God cited above in Jer 51:26 if there is to be no future destruction of a literal city. God declared that no one shall take a stone from Babylon for any foundation or house of any kind after its destruction, yet still, this is what is happening today. Does this not reveal to you that many of God’s words on Babylon are not yet fulfilled? Even in New Testament times, Babylon was still a city with a Christian church (1 Pet 5:13), for Apostle Peter wrote the Book of 1 Peter from there about 60 A.D. Even the Babylonian Talmud was written there 500 years later. In fact, the Jewish historian, Josephus, writes of Babylon about the same time (Josephus, book 18, chap. 9; book 19, chap. 1). All these prove beyond doubt that Babylon was not razed and destroyed completely in the past as the holy prophets of God foretold. Instead, it simply degenerated to ruins as it is to this day. This is not what God declared, therefore, the word of the Lord shall yet be accomplished on Babylon and she shall be destroyed completely in the days to come when great wickedness shall thrive in her for a time.

Rev 18:8-10 & 21 reveals the violence and suddenness of the future destruction of Babylon. She is to be cast down and not found any more. This has never been fulfilled for ruins of Babylon still remain to this day. The suddenness and completeness of the destruction of Babylon are emphasized by this Scripture, proving that the judgment is yet future (Rev 18:8, 10, 17, 19-21, Isa 13:20, Jer 50:13, 39-40, 51:29-43). God stated clearly that Babylon will be finally overthrown like Sodom and Gomorrah i.e. totally destroyed (Isa 13:19); it shall never be inhabited again after the final destruction (Isa 13:20), and no Arab shall dwell there after the destruction. Therefore, if Babylon is ever to be destroyed in the way God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, i.e. completely and suddenly, and with fire and earthquakes, then it is absolutely certain that this must be in the future, for such destruction has not happened in the past, even to this day (Jer 50:39-40).

As we have written to you in times past concerning the coming of the Lord, we exhort you to watch, pray, and prepare for His coming daily, for it is now at the doors. Keep looking for him with all patience for we all have need of patience that after we have done the will of God we might receive the promise. We have taught the word of the Lord unto you all these days precept upon precept, line upon line, in order that you may understand, and that all men should depart from sin and iniquity and do righteousness at all times. Sin is what separates man from God and we know by the Spirit of the Lord that many shall be left behind at the catching away of the church because of works of iniquity. Therefore take heed and be not among them. Strive to enter, for as it is written, many shall seek to enter and shall not be able. Consider these words and the Lord give you understanding in all these things that you may bring forth fruit unto holiness in Him. Please remain in Him and defile not your garments that you may be able to walk with Him in white. That He may count you worthy of Him at His coming. Grace be unto you all. Amen.



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